Our Story

R and R Painting AZ was founded by Rick Augustine and Rob Ballesteros.  As proud family men and passionate tradesmen,  Rick and Rob take their responsibility as fathers very seriously by showing their families the value of hard work and the importance of caring for the people around them.

Rick has a corporate background with a Business Degree from ASU; due to constraints in his previous profession, he made a career change, never expecting to realize his calling as a painter!  Rob is a third-generation painter and master of his craft. Over the years Rob has trained countless painters, aspiring and seasoned, eventually taking on Rick as his apprentice. The duo quickly became a powerhouse crew, forming R and R Painting AZ. 

“Building R and R Painting AZ with Rob has been one of the greatest joys of my professional career.  Together we make a fantastic team.” – Rick Augustine

First and foremost, R&R Painting AZ is family-minded.  We strive to treat every customer and employee not as a number, but as a member.  Secondly, we value effectiveness over speed for the sake of efficiency.  Though we believe in developing processes to be more productive,  we never want to see effectiveness and quality lost to a speedy completion.  Lastly, we want to bring authenticity to the trades.  In an industry that is clouded with broken promises and big egos,  we hope to build long-lasting relationships.

“As family men, we want to treat every customer like they a member of our family!” – Robert Ballesteros

We’re looking forward to bringing professional and exceptional work to every customer we are fortunate enough to serve.  Please consider us for your future painting projects.